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Symbol 60
  • A Halogenoalkane is an alkane with at least one halogen atom in place of a hydrogen atom
Symbol 61

On the carbon with the halogen attached :

  1. Primary : 1 alkyl groups attached
  2. Secondary : 2 alkyl groups attached
  3. Tertiary : 3 alkyls groups attached
Symbol 80

Halogenoalkanes can be hydrolysed (bonds broken using water) to alcohols in a nucleophilic substitution reaction. 

  • Mix halogenoalkanes with water to form an alcohol



  • Add silver nitrate solution to the mixture. The silver ions react with the halide ions as soon as they form, giving a silver halide precipitate

  • Set up 3 test tubes each containing a different halogenoalkane, ethanol and aqueous silver ntrate solution
  • Time how long it takes for a precipitate to form in each test tube. The  more quickly a precipitate forms, the faster the rate of hydrolysis is for that halogenoalkane
  • You can use the colours of the precipitates to distinguish between chloro, bromo and iodo halogenoalkanes

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