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Measuring gases

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Measuring gases

  • There are times when you might want to collect the gas produced by a reaction in order to measure it. For example, to investigate the rate of the reaction

  • One way to measure the volume of a gas that’s been produced is to collect it in a gas syringe

  • You can also collect it by displacing water from a measuring cylinder

  • Fill a measuring cylander with water and carefully place it upside down in a container of water. Record the initial level of the water n the measuring cylinder

  • Position a delivery tube coming from the reaction vessel so that its inside the measuring cylinder, pointing upwards. Any gas that’s produced will pass through the delivery tube and into the measuring cylinder. as the gas enters the measuring cylinder, the water is pushed out

  • Record the level of water in the measuring cylinder and use this value, along with your initial value to calculate the volume of gas produced