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Cambridge IGCSE chemistry

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Naming compounds

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Compounds with 2 different atoms

  • Metal and non-metal: the name of the metal comes first and the non-metal name changes to “ide”. For example:

  •     Chlorine + sodium → sodium chloride

  •     Oxygen + magnesium → hydrogen bromide   

  • Two non-metals, one of which is hydrogen: the hydrogen comes first

  •     Bromine + hydrogen → hydrogen bromide

  •  Other combinations of non-metals: if the element has a lower group number or is lower in a particular group, the lower element comes first, e.g. nitrogen dioxide , sulfur dioxide

  • Some compounds are known by their common names e.g. water

Compounds with particular groups of atoms

  •  Sodium hydroxide, NaOH contains the hydroxide ion, OH

  • Potasssium nitrate, KNO3, contains the nitrate ion, NO3

  • Magnesium sulfate, MgSO4, contains the sulfate ion, SO42-

  • Calcium carbonate, CaCO3, contains the carbonate ion,  CO32-